Lovely Anne

First Impressions

I’ve seen a lot of hot blondes in my time reviewing adult websites, but Anne is right up there with the rest of the cuties. She has a gorgeous smile with puffy full lips, an amazing pair of all natural tits, and long hair that she styles in the most youthful way possible. This 18 year old beauty likes to emphasize her youth and that’s a movement I can get on board with, especially when she always ends up naked in the end anyway. Her breasts are all natural too, which always gets my blood flowing a little faster.

Hot Promises

Anne is a poor girl from Hungary, and the text on the website is written poorly enough that the story makes perfect sense. Still, she manages to get her point across just fine. Her breasts are all natural and close to perfect and they’ll be playing a major role in her content. It also seems like she gets fully nude in her gluttony of picture galleries and video clips. She updates three times a week and the archive of existing content is quite sizable. She has a hot little body that she loves to show off her site also comes with access to four bonus sites.


I’m always in favor of a simple member’s area design, and LovelyAnne takes the concept to new heights. The main page has a short introductory paragraph, pictures from the four newest picture galleries, and links to the bonus sites. Up top you’ll see a graphical bar with links to the various locations you’ll want to visit on the site and that’s it. There are no ads to fight through and no superfluous garbage designed to distract you.

Anne has 96 picture galleries in her member’s area, although that number should grow steadily as she was serious about updating every three days. June 2007 saw 9 new picture sets added and there’s no reason to believe the following months won’t continue that trend. The picture galleries are presented with a thumbnail and the date on which they were published. A title would have been helpful as well to assist in differentiating the sets, but that’s not in the cards.

Each gallery has 50-150 images and browsing them is a breeze. There are 25 thumbnails per page and the full sized images are quite large and should please most people. If you want more customization you can use the slideshow, which allows you to choose between six different resolutions and allows for hands free viewing. Anne is a fully nude model and in most galleries at least part of her body is naked before you even move to the second page of pictures. You’ll get a chance in almost every gallery to see her pussy, which is pretty and well kept.

As I mentioned above Anne likes to emphasize her youthfulness, so you’ll often see her hair in pigtails or braided. Also, she poses in youthful outfits like a t-shirt and jeans or a tank top and short skirt. There are very few lingerie galleries here, which I would have liked to see more of. On the other hand, there are plenty of schoolgirl type galleries, which I can never get enough of. Most of all though there are tons of pictures of Anne’s great tits, which are easily her most unique trait. Those beauties are truly impressive and they’ll have your tongue wagging with desire.

The gallery I enjoyed most features Anne posing in her kitchen wearing a sexy beige sweater and a short black skirt. Her hair is in pigtail braids and she looks amazing. She takes her top off quickly and lets us luxuriate in the beauty that is her breasts. My second favorite gallery takes place out in the snow and features Anne wearing only a trench coat. She pulls the coat open and we see that her body underneath is naked and utterly gorgeous looking. Prepare to tingle with desire.

There are 35 videos at LovelyAnne, and they’ve all been filmed separately from the picture galleries. Sometimes a girl will simply film her photo shoots, where she’s doing nothing more than standing still, and upload those as original content. Anne cares enough about her members to avoid doing that, and I’m confident you’ll enjoy the results. The only problem is there’s almost no way to tell what any of the clips are about.

The only information you get is one small screencap from the scene. In some cases that’s a close up on Anne’s face, which couldn’t be more useless. The videos don’t even have a title, which would at least be able to tell you if she masturbated in the scene or just got naked. This is a problem, but it’s not a big enough problem to drive you away from downloading. Most videos are 20-50mb and run no longer than ten minutes. In some Anne will dance for you and in others she’ll masturbate for the camera. In every scene she gets naked and shows off her tits and pussy.

My favorite scene features explicit masturbation. Anne strips naked and poses her lovely body for us for a few minutes before finding her favorite pink vibrator and holding it against her clit. After she’s generated some juice down there she inserts the vibrator into her snatch and begins fucking herself lightly. The video is a multi part pleasure in that you get to watch her lovely body contort as she pleasures herself and you get to watch the dildo sliding into her pussy.

The rest of LovelyAnne is pretty thin. Her diary features five entries from the first few months of her site’s existence in 2005. They provide some insight into her life, but there are so few that it won’t take you more than 10 minutes to read them all. There’s a short diary page in which she lists her favorite movies, music, food, etc that should give you a little more information. Finally the extras section offers 20 free galleries starring other hotties from the web. These are useful for exploring other girls if you’re looking at buying a new membership or if you’re looking for a change of pace.

The bonus content that comes with your membership to LovelyAnne consists of membership to JennyReid, LovelyIrene, EricasFantasies and LovelyTera. Each site is chock full of pictures and videos, more than tripling your total content. They increase the value of your membership significantly because I can guarantee you’ll find at least one of the babes hugely attractive and worth your time.

Croco’s Opinion

LovelyAnne is home to one of the web’s sexiest blonde teens. Her breasts are unmatched in web history and they’re a pleasure to look at in any situation. She’s provided you with more than 95 galleries and 25 videos to enjoy her breasts, and there are more coming every week. The site is always growing and comes with four bonus sites that add significant value to your membership. I recommend checking out the site today and seeing if you like the bonus sites and Anne herself. If so a membership is certainly called for.


The design is simple and effective. You’ll find your way to each category with ease. The videos can be difficult to browse because they don’t provide any information on what the scene contains.

Pricing Policy

You can pay by credit card or phone (US only). By credit card it’s $29.95 for the first 30 days and $29.95 recurring after that. By phone it’s $29.95 for 30 days non recurring.

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